Studio Teun Verbeek | ‘t Schaep in Mokum
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‘t Schaep in Mokum

During the summer months of 2012, I was part of the Art-Department of the popular Dutch TV-series 't Schaep in Mokum (KRO - Kemna en Zonen). Art-direction was led by Gerard Loomans. My role as assistant in the Art-Department was very diverse. Besides assisting the Art-director, I helped the Prop-Manager and Set-dresser.

We build a huge indoor set, completely in the style of a street in the Amsterdam city centre in the 1980's. In this street, we developed several houses with unique interiors. Further there was a complete bar that functioned as the central meeting point for the key players.

What is rather typical about the "Schaep" series, is that the scripts are written in a theatrical style. Each episode contained about three songs, which meant that we had to re-decorate the complete set. With limited budgets and high expectations, this always was a exciting but very creative challenge.